Exhibition Review | SNEC's First Domestic Exhibition Comes to a Perfect End!

Exhibition Review | SNEC's First Domestic Exhibition Comes to a Perfect End!

On June 13-15, the 17th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition of SNEC2024 PV+was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Aichang AdvanSol's new photovoltaic module level regulation scheme has made its debut in China, winning multiple honorary awards and attracting widespread attention from audiences both at home and abroad.

As a component level regulation expert in the photovoltaic industry, Aichang AdvanSol always adheres to the theme of being safer, more efficient, smarter, and more innovative, committed to providing ultra fine solutions for component level regulation for global photovoltaics. At this exhibition, Aichang AdvanSol not only brought solutions to help traditional string photovoltaic upgrade module level regulation, but also showcased a comprehensive module level regulation solution with ultra-high cost performance and a series of innovative products.

This solution can achieve functions such as component level fast shutdown, component level data monitoring, and component level power generation optimization, helping the photovoltaic system achieve fast and safe shutdown within 30 seconds, increase full cycle power generation by more than 10%, reduce operation and maintenance costs by more than 50%, and increase installed capacity by more than 30%, among other multidimensional comprehensive upgrades.

Numerous domestic and foreign audiences have expressed high interest in the AdvanSol solution of Aichang. The new component level regulation solution can not only help existing power plant owners establish a new management system, but also help owners who plan to establish photovoltaic systems to create intelligent systems for component level regulation with higher cost-effectiveness.

Many audiences and institutions have highly praised the market prospects of Aichang AdvanSol in the field of new energy.

Dr. Jian Chen and outstanding professionals in the industry jointly receive the award

AdvanSol accepted an interview with SNEC official media

The exhibition site received the world's highest component and standard UL1741 certification issued by the Canadian Standards Association CSA

AdvanSol was invited to give a speech on SNEC's top ten green technology highlights, introducing intelligent component level control solutions

Honors from various authoritative institutions won at the SNEC exhibition this time

In the wave of new energy, refined regulation is ushering in its own era. As a photovoltaic module level fine control expert, Aichang AdvanSol not only showcases our own innovation and hard power, but also fully absorbs and learns from the experience and technology of industry predecessors at the exhibition.

We will continue to actively explore cutting-edge technologies for component level regulation, promoting the development of photovoltaic safety, efficiency, controllability, and intelligence.